Self Pet Wash

Our Laundromutt is equipped with a high-grade stainless steel bath tub, auto-suds system and a state of the art doggy hair dryer.

One Dog: $14.99

Two Dogs: $24.99

Three Dogs: $ 34.99

Four Dogs: $44.99

Four bath settings equipped with pH balanced, tearless formula shampoos;

  • Bright Magic leaves your pup smelling like Cherry and Herbal mint
  • Fresh Pets leaves your pup smelling like clean floral and is specially designed to prevents mats.
  • Oatmeal relieves your pup's dry, irritated skin.
  • Conditioner

During your visit to our Laundromutt, feel free to use our aprons, towels as well as our drying station equipped with a stand-up dryer for your convenience. 

Please Note: We care for the health and well being of all of our patrons and their pets, therefore, we are unable to accept dogs that may have fleas, ticks, infectious parasites, open sores, or may have been skunked.